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We are engaged in manufacturing & exporting different types of Industrial Application Gum Powder & Other Gum Powder. These gums & powders are widely used in the different types of Industrial Application mostly for Oil well drilling. We are also capable of offering these gums to clients in required quantity at industry leading prices.


It is a very fast hydrating fine mesh guar gum that yields very high viscosity above 8000 cps in 1% concentration after two hours. It is extensively used for oil drilling, explosives and other industrial applications where quick hydration and immediate high terminal viscosity is needed. The product is suitable for all types of water based drilling fluids. Oil and gas, the two most important pillars of modern industry and our way of life, have to be extracted from deep in the earth. Supragel-800 plays an important part in drilling. It controls the rheology of the drilling fluid, giving it excellent flow properties even under severe conditions. It also serves as a shale inhibitor, fluid loss reducer, and drill bit lubricant and solids carrier

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